Training Philosophy

The goal of Performance K9 Training is simple. It’s assisting pet owners with the skills and tools they need to promote the best behavior possible for their dog. Having trained more than 1,500 pet dogs, David instinctively recognizes an animal’s unique strengths and builds on that foundation to craft the right obedience training program.

David creates a training protocol in collaboration with the owners to ensure pet parent satisfaction.

Utilizing a philosophy of “balanced” training, David intuitively knows when to employ “positive” training tactics to enhance a dog’s self-confidence and broaden their understanding in performing a particular task. This interaction increases a healthy and happy pet bond relationship.

Initially, attaining this delicate balance with a canine takes precise timing, consistency, clear communication and above all, a sense of trust.

Countless pet parents have thanked David for his talent and dedication which has enabled numerous families to experience the perfect pet relationship.