Advanced Behavior Modification

Lasting between three to four weeks, the Advanced Behavior Modification Program is also a board and train. It addresses nearly the same issues as the Basic program. Once again, obedience training is at the very core. An addition to the training protocol is a “rest command” for your dog when owners want their pet to lie down on their bed and behave. Pet parents who choose an extended program will notice more polished dog training results. The Advanced Behavior Modification Program will include the following:

  • Walking politely on a leash (i.e., not pulling on the leash, not barking at other dogs…)
  • Recall (dog returns when called)
  • Not jumping on people
  • “Go to your place” (a rest command)

After a dog has graduated from the “Advanced Behavior Modification Program,” David will schedule a pet owner’s first “Go Home” lesson to help ensure a seamless transition. Pet owners can expect two to three follow-up lessons after their dog completes the program. David will help navigate pet owners on how to build a great pet relationship and teach pet parents the tools they need so their dog continues to paw their way toward success.